Movie Diary: Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle.

This entry was written at least a week ago. I've been having trouble writing anything. Depression or something. You know the story. I'll be back at full strength soon, I hope.

Last night I finally saw "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle" for the first time. I know this is a quintessential comedy in many circles, but I was old enough when it came out to be living on my own but still young enough to be focusing all of my attention on things like punk rocik shows, so I ended up missing it completely. And maybe I would have had a different reaction if I'd seen it when it was new and not already canonized as a classic of stoner comedy, but ultimately I just found it underwhelming. While I can handle movies that play fast and loose with continuity and plausibility, especially in the comedic realm, movies tend to lose me if they get too cartoonish, and Harold and Kumar doing things like riding a cheetah and catching a lift with a tow truck driver covered in festering boils were a bit too much for me. There were funny parts, don't get me wrong, but it just didn't hold together all that well for me. I like quite a few more stoner comedies than people might expect, but I just can't rate "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle" alongside such classics of the genre as "Up In Smoke," "Dazed And Confused," and "Dude, Where's My Car" (yeah, I said it). It's closer to the B-list of the genre: "How High," "Half Baked," etc. Not bad, but not something I'm going to pull out and rewatch when I'm bored and need a laugh, and since that's the true measure of a successful comedy, I gotta say "Harold and Kumar" falls short.



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